Focus on the End Result

“Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them (Mark 11:24).”

Am I the only who loves receiving packages in the mail from Amazon or your favorite clothing store? The most challenging part of receiving packages in the mail is the wait. Although I am given a date to expect the package, I go online and track the package daily. Every day you are shown how many days are left until you receive the package and where the package is located. “Great! 3 more days” I say.

One day, God spoke to me saying, you must live in expectation. When you ask, you will receive. Expect God to do just what he says he will do and be prepared to receive what you have asked for. With the package, you know that it is coming because you have been informed that it is shipped out. When we pray for our heart desires we do not get a  notification that what we have prayed for is on the way. It takes having faith and trust in God that what we have asked for is coming. We find in scripture that God said that if we ask, we will receive. It may not be here yet, but it is on the way.

God reminded me that often times your items are shipped between states. We do not know who or how our packages are handled while it is in other states, we just know it is on the way. Do not get caught up in the why; why is it not here yet? Is God mad at me? Did I do something wrong? No! It will manifest in God’s timing. It will be on time. The question is, are you ready for that thing you have been praying for? You have to be ready. You cannot expect promotion on your job, if you are late to work daily. You cannot expect a new job, if you have not applied for one. There is a process for everything. The items you ordered have to be retrieved, packaged, mailed out, dropped off at the post office of each state it lands in before it makes its way onto the UPS or FedEx truck and onto your porch. 

Whatever you are waiting on and trusting God to do in your life is on the way; there is a process. During the waiting period, begin to make room and prepare. Don’t worry about the process and how it is going to happen, but know that it will happen and it will happen on time! Weeping may endure for a night, but joy is coming in the morning. Are you ready for morning? Or are you so focused on how long you have been weeping and waiting until you cannot see when your breakthrough has arrived? You must stay in the presence of God through fasting, praying and reading God’s word.

You better believe that if you ask God for something in faith, you will receive. Just like the delivery, your breakthrough, your healing, your blessing, or your future spouse may take time getting to you, but it is coming in due time. It is not delayed, it is right on time! No, the wait will not be easy, but remember there is a process. Don’t focus on the process, focus on the end result!

Faith it until you make it, Hope for the best, and Love God and Yourself with every fiber of your being!


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