Let’s Be Real!

Wow! It is amazing how quickly time flies. I have been off the scene for nine months now. How did I go from blogging regularly to a complete stop? Well, I will keep it real with you. I allowed my insecurities to get the best of me. I replayed the voices from my childhood of “you are not good enough, smart enough, interesting enough” repeatedly in my head. Yes, I am a Christian and only what God says about me should be important, but let’s keep it real. Life comes at you fast. One day you are up and down the next. Society always has an eye on you ready to pounce and destroy your every move. Who I am, you ask. With the world, it does not even matter. People enjoy ripping the life out of a stranger’s soul. They applaud you for things that do not even matter and bash you for things that matter the most. A post about God gets one or two likes. A post about fights gets a million and one views. Let’s be real! Did I miss writing? No. At least not at first. I began to break under pressure and started writing lesser and lesser. I thought to myself, maybe I should write about being single but not from a Christian perspective. Then I realized that would be compromise. I love God too much to dim my light and slip back into a world full of darkness. What the world needs right now is love and who greater than God to provide the kind of love we search for on a daily basis. Therefore, I am back! No longer letting the enemy drive me away from what God created me to do. I was birthed with a purpose and no, I am not perfect but I am perfect for the work God gave me to do. Be who God has created you to be. It will not be easy and some days you may slip and fall. You may not have the “right” words to say, the best voice for the song, or the skills for the sport but remember you are not doing this for approval of man. Everything you do should be for God and to fulfill the purpose he placed within you. He will equip you with the tools you need to get the job done.  Even the strong have moments of weakness, but those are the moments you should grab the hand of God a little tighter. Be encouraged!

1 Thessalonians 5:11

Isaiah 40:31

Joshua 1:9

Galatians 1:10

Faith it until you make it, Hope for the best, and Love God and Yourself with every fiber of your being!


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