A Prayer for Singles

Father God, I come on behalf of all singles. First, I want to thank you for all the things you have done in our lives God. Thank you for the lessons learned and the lessons to come God. I thank you for loving us when we did not love ourselves. I thank you for being everything that we need. Thank you for being comfort in our times of storm God. Thank you Heavenly Father for being a friend in our time of loneliness. God I thank you! I ask that you forgive us for all of our sins God. Every sin known and unknown that we have committed, forgive us Lord. I thank you for your forgiveness! For your word says that you will throw our sins in the sea of forgetfulness Lord God. (Micah 7:19) Thank you.

God I ask that you guide us on our journey of singleness. May we continue to put you before anyone and anything in the world. May we be so focused on you and the purpose you have placed in our hearts that we no longer have the pain of longing for love God. Provide us with the strength to make it through this time of singleness God. Give us the strength to wait on you! (Psalm 27:14) I ask Lord, that you will block all counterfeits from entering into our lives Lord God. I ask that you will open our eyes so that we can see clearly Lord God.

For those that are currently dating, I ask that you speak to them Lord regarding the person they are dating and reveal if they are the person you would have for them God. I ask that we be receptive to your answers regarding our singleness Lord God. Heal us where we are wounded God, deliver us in areas that need deliverance God. Make us whole women and men Lord. Let the warrior in us rise up God and be all that you have created us to be. Prepare us mentally, physically, and emotionally for our God ordained mates Lord God.

Father, I want to take the time out to pray for our future mates Lord. We ask that you shape and mold them into the men and women of God that you have created them to be. Lord God, we may not know who our mates are, but Lord you know who they are. We pray that you make them whole. Build them up where they are weak Lord. Heal them and deliver them Lord God. Father we ask that you guide them on their journey of singleness God. I pray that you send help in the time of need Lord God. Bless them with favor Lord God, bless them with jobs, cars, homes, finances, and comfort Lord God and whatever they may need. Father God we ask that you speak to them and remove all counterfeits from their lives Lord God. Father God when the timing is right, I ask that you place them in our paths God. In Jesus’ Mighty Name! IT IS DONE!!!

If you desire to be married one day, you must believe that God can and will do just what you have asked of him. Just because you may be single today, does not mean that things cannot change tomorrow! Have faith! That is all God is asking for. He is not moved by our tears, by our fears, by our doubts, but he is moved by our FAITH! Begin to prepare for the blessings of God.

Faith it until you make it, Hope for the best, and Love God and yourself with every fiber of your being!



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