You’re Almost There

“Let your eyes look straight ahead, and your eyelids look right before you. Ponder the path of your feet, and let all your ways be established (Proverbs 4:25-26 NKJV).”

Fitness is a struggle for me. There are weeks that I do well and I go full force, then there are weeks that I do not want to even see the gym and I eat whatever is pleasing to my taste buds. Last week, I decided to take my workout outdoors. As I was jogging around the lake, I set a goal to jog a mile without stopping (I’m new to jogging) then if I felt tired, I would speed walk the rest of the trail.

As I began to jog, I took notice of all the distractions; my negative thoughts, other walkers and joggers on the trail, bike riders, dogs wanting to stop and speak to me, water puddles and rocks on the trail, and just the distraction of the beauty of nature. Understand that in life, you will come face to face with many obstacles and situations that will cause a distraction from your goals. The obstacle could be the financial aid payment you are waiting on for classes, or your car breaking down the day you start a new job. Do not allow these thing to destroy your goals. Yes, obstacles will come to detour to you, but remember that God is far greater than any obstacle placed in your path.

While on the trail, I had to go around some people and jump out the way of bikers, but I never stopped jogging. I had my goal in mind and although I started feeling tired and I told myself, “okay at the next marker I am going to stop,” I did not stop. Why? Because I set a goal and I was determined to accomplish it. I kept a steady pace and focused on my breathing. I know that whenever I set a goal and I work at accomplishing this goal daily, that I will get there. I may have to pause and reevaluate then go at it again, but I cannot allow distractions to deter me from what I set out to do.

If you stay the course and keep your eyes on the goal, you will achieve. “And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart (Galatians 6:9 NKJV).” I made it past the mile marker on the trail and it was only because I did not let the distractions take me off of my path. When you feel like giving up, especially on something God has placed in your heart to do, remember that he is there cheering you on to the finish line. In your mind you may be saying, “I will never make it,” but God is saying, “you’re almost there!” The finish line is closer than you think! Push your way through. I pray that you stay the course!

Faith it until you make it, Hope for the best, and Love God and yourself with every fiber of your being!


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